The Funhouse Twins Are Still Living 1980s Kid’s TV Dream

The twin stars of Melanie and Martina Grant continue to burn brightly.

The Cheerleaders Image CITV

UK kid’s TV game show series Funhouse holds a special place in the hearts of so many children of a certain age.

An activity heavy, studio-based gunge-fest, the show was made all the more memorable by an absolutely banging theme tune along with presenter Pat Sharp and his incredible twin cheerleader co-hosts Melanie and Martina Grant – the subject of many a schoolyard crush.

For 11 series, 146 episodes and over a decade on the air, the show provided post-school afternoon entertainment to millions.

But anyone thinking that that end of the show in 1999 meant the end for Sharp and his two stunning assistants would be very wrong.

In fact, the Fun House trio have gone from strength to strength with Sharp a DJing regular on the University circuit, among other things, while Melanie and Martina continue to wow some 17 years since the show first aired.

Following on from the success of the show, the twins went on to release pop album, ATT – A Twin Thing which was a surprise hit in Japan and was recently added to Deezer and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Along the way they have made a handful of appearances in TV shows like ITV cop drama classic The Bill and, more recently Soccer AM.

The pair have stayed true to their Fun House roots though, with website offering fans the chance to book the pair for parties, corporate events and special birthday messages.

A Twin Thing
ATT A Twin Thing

Having previously reunited for a one-off Fun House alongside Sharp, the pair would not rule out a more permanent return, something that is pertinent in the wake of the revivals that have seen classic shows like Crystal Maze and Goodnight Sweetheart return to our screens.

“All three of us would be happy to do a new show,” Martina told the Daily Mail.

“There’d be a lot of health and safety issues to work out with the kids and the gunge, but it could be done.”

The Funhouse Twins.
The Funhouse Twins Still got the magic Image

Now that sounds like a whole lot of fun, with prizes to be won.

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