From Transformers to This Is 40: Megan Fox’s Hottest Movie & TV Moments

Everyone’s favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-loving female has turned 30

Megan Fox The Transformers star just bought a huge lingerie company Image Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International

When the very first Transformers film hit cinemas over a decade ago, it was clear that Hollywood had discovered another star-in-the-making.

Before you ask, the answer is no, not Shia Lebeouf. We, of course, refer to Megan Fox – the actor with more fake tan and denim cut-offs than your average Essex-based Ibiza partygoer.

Fox has evolved a lot as a performer in the days since she fronted a series of films about shapeshifting robots. She’s experienced life in the Wild West, taken on the role of a man-eating monster and, perhaps most disturbingly of all, featured in a Judd Apatow film.

And as the woman behind April O’Neal prepares to return to the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we are looking back at some of her hottest movie and TV roles.


Transformers 1 & 2

When the Transformers films were not busy introducing us to the concept of robot bollocks, you could often find director Michael Bay lingering on a sunlit shot of a semi-clad Fox involved in the repair of some sort of car or motorbike. Dirty boy.


How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

Who would have thought that a movie based on the life and times of professional tosspot Toby Young would feature Fox is another smoking hot role. Now, if we had our way Steve McFadden aka Phil from Eastenders would be the obvious choice to play Young. They went with Simon Pegg.


The Dictator

Fox may not have always had the Midas touch when it comes to sorting the cinematic classics from the turkeys but she showed she was game for a laugh with this cool little cameo in The Dictator. Insert your own pun-based joke here.


The Wedding Band

A guest appearance on her husband, Brian Austin Green’s, show was always likely to be steamy. We have never watched The Wedding Band but on the basis of this, a catch-up is long overdue.


Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is one hell of a mess to watch, with much of the introduction taken up by an animated sequence that seems all the more pointless when you consider this is supposed to be a live-action version of the popular comic. Fox is very watchable, though. Shame about everything else…


Two and a Half Men

In decades to come, Two and a Half Men will be looked on with the disdain it deserves. The byproduct of a society in which good, common values and comedy have been cashed in for something akin to a live meat market complete with an audible laughter track. 

But Fox is, once again, good in it. Yey…


Passion Play

Mitch Glazer’s largely forgotten drama may have recouped just over $3,000 off a budget of $15 million at the box office but at least we got to see a sex scene involving Fox as an angel and an ageing Mickey Rourke, who looks increasingly like he’s wearing a bad version of the Michael Myers mask from Halloween.


This Is 40

Yes, This Is 40 was a long, laugh-free yarn involving the characters no one liked from Knocked Up but Fox, to her credit, put in a fine turn as…well, sort of herself.


Jennifer’s Body

Part monster movie part Clueless teen-angst comedy, Jennifer’s Body ultimately failed to deliver on either. What it did deliver, however, was plenty of Fox-related naughtiness including, yep you guessed it, a lesbian kiss.


This Is 40 (Again)

Another highlight from This Is 40 that warrants inclusion because…well, just because, alright?


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With a Bebop and Rock Steady-led Turtles sequel on the way, it’s worth harking back to the original and a turn that helped Fox get herself back on the A-list. We can’t possibly think why…

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