From Stranger Things to Rogue One: 2016’s best movies and TV shows reimagined as SNES Games

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System turned 25 in 2016.

The Super Nintendo console.
The SNES A once-in-a-lifetime games console. Image Nintendo

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is regarded as one of the greatest consoles of all-time by Nintendo fans, spawning memorable titles like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Now 25 years old, and while those original SNES fans have long grown up, the adoration and appreciation of the 16-bit console remains as strong as ever.

Perhaps that’s why Devin Rubink of decided to mark the system’s 25th birthday by creating a series of inspired SNES game box covers.

Except there’s something a little different about these titles, with each incorporating a popular movie or television series to emerge into the public consciousness in 2016.

With everything from The Hateful Eight to Daredevil featured, the covers are not only eye-catching – they may even have you dreaming about what a 16-bit version of one of these popular shows or films may have looked like.

Here are a few of loaded’s personal favourites:


Apparently there’s an ultimate edition out in six months which is way better.

Batman v Superman SNES


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