From Cindy Crawford to Adriana Lima: The 5 Sexiest Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

With the Super Bowl nearly upon us, loaded is looking back at 5 absolute classics.

Cindy Crawford's 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad
Iconic Cindy Crawford's 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad. Image Picture Pepsi/YouTube

The Super Bowl has brought us many a memorable encounter over the years with the season’s two best teams competing for that most-coveted of prizes. 

Away from the football though, the Super Bowl has also offered up plenty in the way of incredible memories courtesy of a plethora of big budget, super-sexy adverts featuring some of the most iconic women in the world today.

From Cindy Crawford through to Britney Spears, there have been plenty of sensational ads over the years – here are five of our favourites.


The grandaddy of super-hot Super Bowl ads, Crawford helped put Pepsi on the map back in ’92 with this sublime effort, which remains as incredible now as it was all those years ago.


Back during the height of Spears-mania, Britney appeared as the face of Coca-Cola’s bitter rival, with this gyration-heavy effort proving something of a winner during the break at American football’s showpiece event.


There’s something to be said for the sheer simplicity of this Lima-led effort, which essentially boils down to a 30-second clip of the model getting dressed for a night out. Still amazing though.


Only the winning combination of Charlotte McKinney and the dirty minds at Carl’s Jr could make big juicy burgers look as sexy as they do in this commercial. It left a lot of people either hungry, horny or both.


Megan Fox. In a bath. For Motorola. Need we say any more?

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