‘French Maid’ Personal Trainers Are The Sexiest Fitness Trend Of 2017

Would you give this weird workout a try?

French maid workout
French maid workout The sexiest fitness trend of 2017 Image RUPTLY

The gym can be a pretty uninspiring place at times….

In fact, doing the same old routine in the same old surroundings can get pretty boring pretty quickly, and that repetition can have a pretty negative effect on your workout.

Thankfully though, a new fitness craze is mixing things up for hundreds of fitness freaks, and it’s definitely the sexiest workout trend we’ve seen in recent years.

‘French maid’ personal trainers are becoming incredibly popular in Japan recently, and they’re going the extra mile to help motivate gym goers.

The Maid Gym in Tokyo offers a very particular service; each of customer is allocated a ‘maid’ personal trainer, who encourages them to put that little bit extra into their workout.

Footage from the gym shows the maids offering their support, and offer up a truly unique workout experience.

The gym’s creator Ruby Hataoka says: “My gym is strict and serious. It’s only the clothing that looks like maids.

“There are a lot of big guys and scary people in other gyms but we’re not macho men, we’re maids. We can make fun.”

It’s pretty reasonably priced too, with a 50-minute workout costing around 7,500 yen (£54). The only problem is, you’ll have to factor the cost of a flight to Tokyo into that price too…

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