Free Fire Exclusive: Armie Hammer’s Ord On Gun Deals…And Masturbation

The Free Fire star’s character would rather do deals with wankers.

Free Fire Ben Wheatley's action comedy

Armie Hammer’s gang leader Ord explains why he prefers to do his gun deals with wankers in this exclusive clip from Ben Wheatley’s upcoming action comedy Free Fire.

The latest effort from the High Rise director sees Brie Larson’s Justine attempt to broker an arms deal between two Irishmen (Cillian Murphy, Michael Smiley) and a group of gangsters led by Shalto Copley’s Vernon and Hammer’s Ord.

In the clip provided, Ord is introduced to the Irish pair and makes quite the first impression after noticing that Smiley’s character has come out “with a loaded weapon.”

You see, Ord is a rather unusual type of gangster in that he doesn’t like to do arms deals with people who haven’t masturbated first.

“I told you I don’t want to work with anyone who is carrying a loaded weapon,” he quips to Larson’s Justine before advising Smiley’s character, “If you need time, go find yourself, go find yourself a dark corner…”

Tense yet somehow hilarious in equal measure, the clip serves to highlight just what fans can expect from the new film which is already garnering a lot of positive buzz online.

Brie Larson in Ben Wheatley's Free Fire
She's got a shooter! Brie Larson in Ben Wheatley's Free Fire Image Picture Film4/StudioCanal

Of course, it goes without saying that the arms deal they all turned up for goes wrong, with some tense, at times amusing, and most likely very violent antics to follow.

Free Fire opens nationwide across the UK on 31st March 2017

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