These Freaky Videos Could Give You A Brain Orgasm

These videos will give you amazing head

Meg Ryan knows what's up. Image Columbia Pictures

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response has become very popular on YouTube since 2010 and has been known to cause ‘brain orgasms.’

The practice involves someone whispering comforting words close to a microphone while recreating soothing noises that occur naturally – such as crackling paper, soft tapping of fingernails, keyboard clicks and even the sound of certain fabrics.

It’s intended to be an intimate sonic experience which triggers a physical response, like a neuro climax.

What exactly is a ‘brain orgasm?’ It has been described as head rush or a tingling sensation in the head that extends to the limbs causing an intense feeling of total relaxation.

People have made quite the living off of this trend, YouTuber Gentle Whispering ASMR has 882,170 subscribers and her videos have garnered close to 50 million views.

She often role plays in her videos, dressing up as a flight attendant in one to take viewers to their ‘sleep destination,’ while they sit in an imaginary ‘tingle capsule.’ Our minds are firmly in the gutter with that one. 

She also mistakenly encourages watchers to ‘turn electronics off’ on the flight she calls “Flight 666′ –  the responses from commenters are pretty hilarious.

The majority of people are playing these strange videos to lull them to sleep or for laughs, but there are those out there who get turned on by whispering and paper sounds, 5% to be exact. [via Newser]

Whatever floats your boat we say, though the lucrative aspect of the ASMR market can’t be denied.

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