Francesco Totti is the only outfield player remaining from FIFA 96

Who is the last FIFA man standing?

FIFA 96 Francesco Totti
FIFA 96 Only one outfield players remains. Image EA Sports/AS Roma

If you’re a football fan of a certain vintage, chances are you’ll have fond memories of FIFA 96.

For many, this was the first EA Sports offering that got them hooked on all things FIFA. The John Motson commentary, that cover of Jason McAteer and Frank de Boer, the blocky 3D graphics… it’s a game to get your nostalgia juices flowing.

Though it’s 20 years old there is one man from FIFA 96 who’s still actively playing. That’ll be legendary Italy and AS Roma forward Francesco Totti, who celebrates his 40th birthday today (September 27).

Totti was in the Roma squad for the EA Sports classic (he made his debut all the way back in 1993), making him the last active outfield player standing.

Intriguingly, a man Totti shared many glorious night with for the Italian national team, Gianluigi Buffon, is still going strong in goal for Juventus.

Fellow Italian Andrea Pirlo was playing professionally back in 1996 for Brescia, but he wasn’t included in the game.

Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni accompanied Totti and Buffon as a FIFA 96 survivor last term, but he called it a day at the age of 42 when the season wrapped up.

Watch the evolution of Francesco Totti in FIFA (sadly not feature FIFA 96):

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