Science Says There Are Four Types Of Drinker – Which One Are You?

Previous studies suggest there are four distinct types of alcohol drinkers.

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Alcohol has played an important role in human society for centuries.

A social lubricant for some, escape for others and harmful temptation for a few, boozing might start off as fun and games but the decision to drink is motivated by some pretty contrasting individual feelings.

The Conversation recently investigated the topic using something called the motivational model of alcohol use. It’s a scientific study that previously explored the reasons why people drink. What the study showed was that drinkers fall into one of four distinct categories.

The type of drinker you are can come down to genetics, environment or simply just personality. Whatever the case, everyone has their own motives for drinking and, as this study shows, everyone falls into one of four distinct categories.


Social Drinking

The most common reason young people offer up for their drinking habits are social considerations. These drinkers see boozing as a chance to increase the amount of fun they have with their friends and as something of a social pastime. Social drinking is more commonly associated with moderate alcohol use and is largely harmless. 


Drinking To Conform

These drinkers tend to only consume alcohol in social situations, usually to fit in. They are the types of people who might carefully sip a glass of wine or pint of beer in order to avoid feeling left out among the other drinkers. They rarely go big and when they do, it’s really not that big. More like three drinks, a kebab and then home.


Drinking For Enhancement

Here’s where things get a little dark; a subsection of adolescents and young adults might drink for enhancement purposes. Often extroverted, impulsive and aggressive risk-takers, these drinkers actively seek to feel drunk. Once intoxicated, all hell breaks loose. We’re talking fights, pranks, thievery and general disorder. We all have that one mate…


Drinking To Cope

Among the most problematic of drinkers, these boozers display higher levels of neuroticism alongside low levels of agreeableness. They also often have a low opinion of themselves and have been found to drink to cope with other problems like anxiety and depression.

These types of drinkers are also statistically more likely to be female, drink more heavily and experience alcohol issues in life. Though drinking is a short-term solution, it fails to fix any of the long-term issues already present. If someone you know falls into this category, it might be time to have a word.

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