Four female partygoers thrown off flight to Ibiza

The women, aged between 20 and 25, allegedly hurled racist abuse and threats at passengers.

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Holidays in Ibiza have been known to bring out the very worst in people, with the combination of sun, sea and serious boozing resulting in some truly regretful behaviour.

But while the old mantra of “what goes on on the island, stays on the island” rings true in the majority of cases, four young women from Manchester may among those exceptions to the rule.

It comes after Manchester Evening News reported that the four females had been thrown off a Monarch flight to the Iberian party destination after allegedly threatening passengers.

To make matters worse, the fearsome foursome are alleged to have used racist abuse in their tirade, which may or may not have been as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

In any case, the pilot on the flight and several passengers called 999 after a row escalated between the group and a couple of nearby passengers, who had asked to be moved away from the rowdy group.

Amber Elouise Ferguson's Facebook page.
The offending ibiza party Was alcohol to blame? Image Amber Elouise Ferguson/Facebook

Amber Elouise Ferguson, who was among the group attacked, posted a series of pictures of the girls on Facebook, as well as an account of events on the flight which claimed the group had “been racist, making rude comments and threatening people.”

“It’s disgusting,” she added, “I’d love to be reunited with them and see if there [sic] as brave without any alcohol!”

A Monarch statement, issued to Manchester Evening News said: “Monarch takes a zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on board all of our flights. The safety and security of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our absolute priority.”

The story marks a stark contrast to the usual alcohol-related tales of hilarity that emanate from Ibiza.

Earlier this summer, for example, one holidaymaker regaled his Facebook friends with the tale of how he had, drunkenly, purchased a coach for the not-insubstantial sum of £29,000.

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