WATCH: Formula One’s Incredible 2-Second Pit Stops Explained

Red Bull have turned the tyre change into an art form.

Red Bull's Formula One pit stops
Lightning-quick Red Bull have mastered the art of the pit stop. Image Red Bull Racing/YouTube

Ever wondered how Formula One teams execute those lightning-fast tyre changes at pit stops?

A new video from Red Bull Racing lifts the lid on the process and shows just how difficult it is to pull off.

Pit stops have been a part of F1 for decades, but Red Bull have turned them into an art form, tearing through car maintenance in two seconds flat. A well-oiled machine that flies by in a flash.

Red Bull race team manager Jonathan Wheatley admitted that it takes between 18 and 20 people all working in tandem to successfully nail a tyre change.

“What’s important is to know you can bring the car in and service it reliably every single and being able to do 2-second put stops,” Wheatley said.

“The magic really is in how these guys take the wheel off and put the wheel on without banging into each other.

“We spend a lot of time looking at the choreography of a pit stop. Every single person makes a massive contribution.”

Watch Red Bull’s pit stops explanation video below:

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