Turns Out This Forgotten Addams Family Star Has A Very Famous Sister

The Addams family’s Pugsley has been largely forgotten – until now.

The Addams Family Hang on, what? Image Universal

It’s been revealed that one of the original stars of the popular Addams Family films is related to one of the biggest rising stars in US TV today.

Jimmy Workman played the role of the small but portly Pugsley Adams in both of the Barry Sonnenfeld films based on the popular television series of the same name.

But while his sibling co-star Christina Ricci went on to bigger and better things in adulthood, things worked out a little differently for young Jimmy.

The Addams Family Dud-da-da-dum Image Universal

In the years follow The Addams Family and sequel Addams Family Values, Workman appeared sporadically in a small number of films, including the Chris Farley comedy vehicle Black Sheep and the Jack Nicholson Oscar-winner As Good As It Gets.

By 1998 he had turned to work behind the camera, earning a credit as a production assistant on the movie Star Trek: Insurrection.

As of 2004, Workman had officially retired from acting.

However, he’s been thrust back into the limelight after The Express revealed that he also happens to be the older brother of none other than Ariel Winter.

The middle child of three, Jimmy’s older sister Shanelle also acts and was in the headlines a couple of years back after taking her parents to court amid accusations she had abused her and her siblings.

She's making quite the impression. Ariel Winter is coming...

Shanelle is now Winter’s official guardian, while it’s unclear what Jimmy does these days.

Whatever it is, you can guarantee some smart alec co-worker likes to hum that damn theme tune at him.

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