Forget The Risks: 5 Benefits Of Drinking Beer

The cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.

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Every week we read new research about how bad beer is for our health. And the latest study is no different.

Apparently, drinking half a pint of beer a week can increase the risk of heart disease. Apparently, beer causes premature ageing in our arteries and our blood flow goes to hell. 

However, there should be more good news about drinking beer, and here at loaded we want to tell you the benefits of all those pints you have at the pub after work:


It reduces the chances of heart disease

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We are not kidding. Yes, it contradicts the study, but as it happens, if you drink a whole pint every day, it’s said to reduce your chances of heart disease by 31%. That being said, if you have more than just a pint, beware the consequences, so measure it well!



No kidney stones

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More good news: if you drink beer every day (again, in a moderate way), you reduce the risk of getting kidney stones by 40%. This is thanks to the levels of water in beer, which helps the kidneys release toxins. You are probably thinking, “why don’t I just drink water, then?” Well, there are elements in beer that help slow down the release of calcium, which causes the creation of stones, so there you go.



Get rid of dandruff

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All right, this doesn’t involve drinking it, but if your white shoulders embarrass you at work, it apparently helps to rinse your hair with beer, which is rich in yeast. No word on how you will smell later, though.



Avoid diabetes

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The alcohol in beer is a blessing, and if you consume a couple of beers every day, your chances of getting type 2 diabetes are reduced by 40%. It also contains fibre, which is good for pretty much everyone.



Better memory

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If you keep drinking beer, you will have less chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease compared to, let’s say, someone who only drinks water and chamomile tea. 

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