Two Brave Boys Pranked Conor McGregor At His HOUSE In Ireland

We suggest no one else try this...

Conor McGregor

As far as pranks go, this one was brave. Two boys in Ireland attempted to mess with Conor McGregor at his home and could yet pay the price.

The ‘house for sale’ prank has been around for awhile; Ellen DeGeneres got the treatment earlier this year, now two Irish lads decided to give it a go with the UFC champion.

To find out where McGregor lived YouTubers Zayyzow used Instagram and Google maps to zero in on his residence, which is pretty creepy.


Perhaps McGregor does need to consider a change of address soon? To hatch the plan, they scoured their neighbour looking for a For Sale sign they could steal and revamp for the McGregor prank.

Eventually, they found one and made a worse version for some reason. They infiltrated his compound in a rural area of Ireland and placed the sign in front of his house, taking a moment to admire his fleet of cars.

The most heart stopping moment was when the boys started running for their lives, perhaps McGregor caught wind of the happening and began a pursuit.

We don’t blame the pranksters; we would hightail it as well if McGregor were on our heels.

All in all the joke was successful, and McGregor can add himself to the list of mega stars who suffered the same fate.

However, we suggest that McGregor gets a real For Sale sign up ASAP, it was way too easy for the boys to find his house.

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