Football Manager 17 will feature new Brexit scenarios

If you weren't annoyed about EU referendum result before, you will be now.

Football Manager 17
Football Manager 17 Brexit just made the game a whole lot tougher Image Sports Interactive

The Football Manager gaming series just got a whole lot harder, after it was revealed that a new range of “Brexit scenarios” will be introduced to FM17.

The changes will affect the way transfers are conducted on the new edition of the classic management simulation game, with players having to negotiate “hard” or “soft” versions of Brexit.

Gamers may now be required to acquire work permits for players within the EU for the first time ever, depending on the scenario.

Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson said: “I started working on the feature on the Saturday morning after the vote.”

Football Manager 17
Football Manager 17 Brexit just made the game a whole lot more difficult Image Sports Interactive

“I was trying to work out how it would affect my business and the sport that I love.”

He added: “I sat on the sofa for two days reading as much as I could from the pro and anti-Brexit camps.”

Jacobson also spoke about how the different scenarios in the game accommodate for the uncertainty regarding the UK’s exit from the EU.

“Six weeks ago I would have predicted a soft Brexit, but after the Conservative Party conference a hard Brexit is much more likely,” he said.

Football Manager
Football Manager Image Sega/Sports Interactive

“We know Article 50 will be invoked before the end of March, but we don’t know how long negotiations are going to take.

“They could take two years but there could be a general election within that time. There are provisions that if a deal hasn’t been reached, negotiations could be extended or even scrapped.

“The first option for the game was to have just one scenario and that would be it, Brexit done, but it’s not possible to come out with one outcome and it won’t be until all the negotiations are done.

Football Manager 17 is released on November 4 on PC, Mac and Linux. Check out some of the game’s new features below:

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