These Football Horror Tackles Are Blood-Soaked Carnage

Fright night starts right here.

Sweden Italy football horror tackle
Crunch A horror tackle if ever we saw one. Image Getty

Football fans love a good old-fashioned reducer, but when they spill overboard into horror tackles things can get very unpleasant.

Halloween isn’t officially until Monday, but ‘Fright Night’ starts right here thanks to a compilation of some of the most disgusting challenged to ever grace the beautiful game.

YouTuber Teo CRI came up with a six-stud special around a year ago and the video has fast become one of the most popular football clips on the world wide web.

The likes of Xabi Alonso, Pablo Zabaleta and Ryan Giggs come in for some serious physical harm during the supercut, which definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

This is a brutal, blood-stained five minutes that features boots to the face, legs and worse (yes, there’s crotch impact). Some traumatised YouTube commenters even recoiled in horror after seeing bone.


Watch the football horror tackles compilation below:

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