Watch: Brazilian Football Fan Pulls Off The Most Hilarious Dive Ever

This is almost oscar-worthy...

The most amazing dive ever
Brazilian football fan The most amazing dive ever Image

Players these days get a huge amount of stick for diving, and throwing themselves to the ground to con the refs – and quite rightly too.

However, it turns out the fans are just as bad as the pros for diving, and an amazing new clip has been revealed which shows a Brazilian football fan pulling off the most hilarious dive loaded has ever seen.

There was an amazing moment during Corinthians’ 2-0 win over Universidad de Chile recently, after a fan picked up the ball after it went out for a throw.

The bloke refused to hand the ball back to an opposition player and he was half-heartedly pushed as a result.

Then, this happened…


The guy first appeals to the ref, before dropping to his knees like he’d been shot.

His performance is almost oscar-worthy, but no-one seemed that bothered by his antics, and the game carried on regardless.

It’s one of the best things we’ve seen during a football game, and it rivals – or maybe even betters – Rivaldo’s dive at the 2002 World Cup.

Man, that clip still makes us angry 15 years on…

So, while it’s true that modern football has a real problem with diving, we never thought we’d see the fans getting involved in it too.

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