Football Fan Arrested After ‘Urinating In Rival Goalkeeper’s Water Bottle During Game’

The incident allegedly took place during Middlesbrough’s Championship clash with QPR

Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

An idiotic football fan has been arrested after appearing to urinate into a rival goalkeeper’s water bottle during a league clash between the clubs.

Footage of a dumb-as-f*ck Middlesbrough supporter appearing to urinate into a bottle belonging to Queens Park Rangers shot-stopper Alex Smithie has sent shockwaves online.

The video, posted on the YouTube channel Football Away Days, features a man wearing jeans and a brown coat appearing to do the deed before resealing the bottle and throwing it back onto the pitch – all in the name of “bantz” we assume.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Smithie went on to drink from the bottle again but one thing is for sure: the supporter involved is a complete and utter bell-end.

There is a happy ending of sorts though: the Metropolitan Police’s Football Unit has since confirmed that the man involved was arrested following the incident.

He’s since been charged with throwing items onto the pitch and has been released on bail. He’s likely to incur a more significant punishment though once footage of his heinous actions are brought to the attention of the court.

The incident put a dampener on Middlesbrough’s 3-0 victory over QPR, which has seen the club move up to eighth in the Championship standings.

Tony Pulis was recently placed in charge of the Teeside club, following the dismissal of Garry Monk as manager following a string of disappointing results.

The Welshman is likely to have been left unimpressed by this particular fan’s actions.

Our only hope is that the police do the decent thing and leave this particular “football supporter” in the hands of Big Tone, a manager famous for unleashing a head butt on former charge James Beattie. While naked.

Only Pulis can truly deliver the swift brand of justice this situation so desperately requires. Oh and the fan should probably be banned from all football for life.

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