Footage Of World’s First “Invisibility Cloak” Leaked Online – But Is It Real?

This is like something out of a Predator movie.

The cloaking device from Predator.Image Fox

A video of a man debuting what could be the world’s first full-functioning invisibility cloak has left the internet baffled – but, as always, things might not be as they seem.

The footage, which is said to originate from China, purports to show a man alongside the first “fully functional invisibility cloak.”

He even goes as far as demonstrating how the cloak works, walking behind it before disappearing altogether. It’s a technology that’s not all that dissimilar to the cloaking device used by the alien in the popular Predator movies.

The video has quickly gone viral in China with one top security official even sharing it, alongside a suggestion that it could have various military applications.

Chen Shiqu, the Deputy head of Criminal Investigation Department at Ministry of Public Security China, said:

“This is a quantum technology-made cloth that is made of transparent material, it can reflect the light wave around the person who wears it so it can make the person disappear.

“Soldiers wearing this cloak can avoid night vision spy but what happened if the criminals used the cloak?”

Unfortunately for Shiqu and anyone else excited at the prospect of the world’s first cloaking device, it would appear that we’ve all been the victim of a rather elaborate hoax.

According to by Quantum Video producer Zhu Zhenshong, the clip is just the result of some rather nifty camera trickery along with a few fancy special effects thrown in for good measure.

“Softwares such as Adobe’s After Effects, Nuke or Blackmagic Fusion can edit the background and blend the object into it. The effect has previously seen in a lot of action movie,” he said.

There’s also the slight issue that some of the leaves near the cloak appear to be moving while others are not.

It’s just the latest example of gullible people falling for special effects-led fakery online.  For example, an Iranian Instagrammer recently tricked the internet into believing she had undergone 50 different cosmetic procedures to look like Angelina Jolie – with horrifying results.

It ended up being a Photoshop-led lie, of course. Don’t believe everything you read online, folks.

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