Footage Of ‘Evil Spirit’ Captured Live On Facebook

Was this for real or part of some sort of elaborate hoax? loaded is praying it’s the latter.

People have been arguing about the existence of ghosts for centuries; the unfortunate reality is that there’s never been any definitive proof on either side of the debate when it comes to these supernatural elements.

This new footage, captured during a Hammy TV Facebook Live stream might just change all that. With Halloween just around the corner, the popular social media Vloggers decided to do something suitably spooky with a trip around a creepy old abandoned mental hospital.

It was all suitably scary enough, with the venue looking like the set of a Silent Hill game. But then something weird happened.

Around the 8:40 mark in the live stream, a few eagle-eyed viewers spotted a mysterious figure walking across the screen. Re-watching the footage, it’s clear that someone or something is there with them, up a floor. They don’t look all that human either – more a mysterious black spectre.


Also, if they were a person, how on earth did they get up there? The stairs in front of the Hammy TV team have been destroyed beyond repair.

Maybe it’s all part of some elaborate hoax, in which case loaded is happy to applaud Hammy TV for their realistic efforts.Then again, maybe it’s something else far darker and disturbing.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has laid claim to capturing a ghost on camera.

loaded previously reported on a mysterious image that went viral and appeared to include a ghost or strange spectre of a deceased relative.

Are you starting to believe in ghosts? Here are a few real-life images of ghosts shared by the people of Reddit.

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