Floyd Mayweather Sends Conor McGregor Clear Message Ahead Of Potential Rematch

By Jack Beresford

March 16, 2018

Floyd Mayweather isn’t giving up on the idea of entering the Octagon and has issued a clear signal of intent to Conor McGregor: he’s up for the fight.

The undefeated boxing star has been busy talking up his chances of late, claiming that although he hasn’t started training yet, he’s already a better MMA fighter than you might think.

“I can wrestle. My wrestling game is not that bad. On a scale from one to 10, I’d say it’s probably a seven, and we can take it up to a nine if possible,” he told TMZ Sports.

“Of course, my hand game on a scale of one to 10 is 100. The kicking game, on a scale of one to 10 is probably a four. We have to tweak a few things then and take things to the next level.”

Mayweather is deadly serious about a move into the UFC though. Or at least that’s what fighter Tyron Woodley believes.

The MMA star is set to start training with Mayweather and issued a warning to anyone who has been quick to dismiss his chances.

Woodley said: “Floyd Mayweather is one of the best strikers of all-time. How many guys in the UFC, they can’t wrestle and they can’t grapple, they consider themselves a stand up fighter but they have to stand across from one of the greatest strikers ever? They’re going to be in a world of smoke.”

Mayweather first floated the idea of entering the Octagon during a series of social media posts aimed at McGregor.

The Irishman would no doubt be keen on a rematch on his own turf with the bout would be a major money spinner for UFC, meaning Dana White would almost certainly be on board.

In fact, the only potential stumbling block could come in the event 50 Cent and McGregor decide to take settle their ongoing beef with a fight.