Flight Attendants Have A Secret Code For Talking About Attractive Passengers

If you hear any of this then you… oh who are we kidding, you’re never going to hear this!

An average flight attendant.

Here’s something to keep in mind next time you board a plane: apparently flight attendants have a super-subtle code for secretly talking about attractive passengers amongst themselves.

Or at least they used to. The cats kind of out of the bag now. Well, it is if there are any flight attendants reading this. Or anyone, for that matter. Hello? Are you there?

In any case, the system they have in place isn’t exactly the Enigma Code, so there is every chance someone would have worked it out themselves, independently.

Basically, if a flight attendant thinks the passenger sitting in 2B is attractive, for example, they might say something about the fact they were considering spending two days in Bali.

Two days in Bali = 2B. You see? Not the most complex system in the world, is it?

The secret was revealed by an ex-flight attendant and guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on the Australian radio show Kiis 106.5.

“Obviously when we are in the cabin and we are doing the drinks we can’t just be like ‘Oh doll check him out. You have to be subtle about it,,” she explained.

“Because everyone knows their seat numbers, so we’re on the cart and he’ll be like, ‘I’m thinking of doing seven days in America… being ‘seat 7A’. And I’ll be like, ‘yeah, I could do seven days in America!”

A picture of a flight attendant.

Clever. Very clever. Alright, it’s not that clever and you are probably unlikely to ever hear it uttered on one of your flights.

It’s not the first in-flight revelation to be offered up by loaded. In the past, we’ve revealed the perfect time to use the toilet during the average flight and also why you should probably steer clear of drinking coffee onboard at all costs.

We’re here to help.

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