This Amazing Product Means No More Skipping Sex During Her Period

It can liberate the ladies once a month...

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Sex during a woman’s period is usually a messy endeavour and many couples see it as a roadblock to time between the sheets. Any attempt usually results in a bit of a clean up too… 

Now though, a new company has come up with a way to have sex during that time of the month and still save the sheets.

Flex is described by inventor Lauren Schulte as a ‘disposable menstrual product.’ While it resembles a condom, the product actually sits higher up the vagina and covers the cervix preventing any fluid from escaping – especially during sex. 


It’s also capable of giving a woman stronger orgasms. So there’s that plus.

The best positions to try with this gadget during sex are allegedly doggy style or missionary, but the website claims you can mix it up once you get into the swing of things.

However, getting a little too wild is not recommended, as the penis can come in contact with the Flex and cause problems.

You might not think it, but sex during a woman’s period comes with a host of benefits. For one, the lady is actually usually hornier at that time of the month, and no lube is needed because it’s already insanely slippery up there…

Suggest Flex to the missus; it could be the ticket to worry-free sex. 

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