Five Advertisements From The Past That Would Piss Us Off Today


Advertising sure has had its share of gaffs. One of the more recent being that Protein World “Beach Body” fiasco. Body shaming at its finest. 

Beating a good drum for companies has always been a reliable representation of the pulse of each era, and based on the branding and general messages put forth by particular imagery or wording we’re more able to understand our progression.

We’re certain that what worked in the past would never suffice today, what with women being able to vote and such. Here are some pretty offensive examples of ads from yesteryear, seriously terrible:


The shaving baby. Gillette was so drunk back then



I mean, you can’t deny the truth of this



This is one of those attempts at humour isn’t it. Not funny. Button your shirt madam.



I’m sensing a trend of sexism and hedonism here



Yes definitely sexist



Hop them up on sugar then give them a Gillette razor to play with


Learn from the past kids, learn. Also, don’t give a razor to a baby. 

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