Five Stunning Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Were Refugees


Rita OraImage Picture courtesy of Tezenis

The refugee crisis is in the spotlight right now thanks to Donald Trump’s highly controversial immigration order which bars immigrants and refugees from ‘high risk’ countries – all of which happen to be Muslim.

The backlash the new president is receiving partly comes from the 20, 000 refugees that are now displaced. He recently berated the Prime Minister of Australia who requested he take on the almost two thousand refugees intended for the United States per the agreement between the two nations.

He called Obama’s original agreement, ‘dumb’ and cut short the conversation with the Aussie premier.

Now a group of celebrities are coming forward, sharing their stories of fleeing ethnic persecution and coming to the Western world as refugees.

loaded has compiled a group of stunning and brave souls who show that turning away people who need help is always a regrettable decision.




Iman and her family were forced to flee their home in Somalia due to a coup. They first settled in Kenya then continued to travel the world. Iman more than landed on her feet. She’s a legend and married the musical genius that was David Bowie. 




Singer Spektor was born in the Soviet Union in 1980 but she and her parents fled Moscow when she nine years old. Both her folks were classically trained musicians and instilled these skills in their daughter. Thank goodness 





The pop star, model and actress was not always the incredible tour de force she is now. She was once a baby who was escaping ethnic persecution for being Albanian in her native Kosovo (Yugoslavia). Ora and her family came to London as refugees and there they stayed.  




The Ukranian-born beauty left her home country due to religious persecution. She and her family were Jewish and practicing the religion was frowned upon in Russia. She entered the United States at around seven years old on a refugee visa. 



After moving to Sri Lanka from London when she was a baby, M.I.A’s father was a fervent campaigner for ethnic Tamils. Her family were forced to leave after a civil war erupted over this issue and they moved back to London.


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