Five destinations for The Special One

Jose don't worry, we've got your back on this.

Jose Mourinho contemplates the future
How much? Jose Mourinho will be shocked when he reads this. Image Photo Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

So there we go.

The beloved of many Chelsea fans, Jose Mourinho, was sacked yesterday, a mere 227 days after winning the title.

But what next for the man who regards himself as a true Chelsea legend? 



Manchester United

‘Jose Mourinho’s Red Army’ will ring out from the terraces around Old Trafford as the Regenerated One sits down to take his first game in charge of Manchester United. The likelihood is quite high of this happening, Louis van Gaal isn’t exactly Mr. Popular around Matt Busby Way, but would José take another English club? Don’t be silly of course he would.


Paris St Germain

Now, this would be quite a match up. PSG have been a thorn in the backside for Mourinho in the last few years, having been knocked out of the Champions League, and been a general tough nut to crack.But the question remains aside from the fantastic culture, fine wines, unbelievable food and fantastic climate what is there in Paris? We said aside from that!


Real Madrid

Imagine that, Jose replacing the man he loathes more than Arsene Wenger – Rafa Benitez? Throw into the mix Mourinho’s last time in charge of Real Madrid and there will be more firecrackers than Halloween night. It’s unlikely to happen after he burned his bridges with a few players who remain but if things get much worse for Real Madrid they might be in the mood to forgive.

Jose Mourinho
The Unhappy One Jose Mourinho thinking about that Christmas dinner... Image Photo Ian Walton/Getty Images


Bayern Munich

If ever a team can be managed in cruise control, it’s the German heavyweights. Current boss Pep Guardiola is leaving at the end of the season after pretty much making them scarier than Megatron from Transformers. Would the volatile Mourinho be happy with sitting back and accepting that he can’t add much to an already unstoppable machine? Maybe he’ll do a Brian Clough and tell Thomas Muller to ‘chuck all your medals into the dustbin.’



‘Please don’t laugh, I am what I say, I am the English one!” So says the new English manager, Jose Mourinho, as the fawning English fans weep with excitement. ‘We’re going to win the Euros’ fans chant across the land as John Terry comes out of retirement to lead the side to victory alongside Frank Lampard and Joe Cole. Roy Hodgson suddenly wakes up in a sweat.

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