Fitness Model Tammy Hembrow Is The Only #MondayMotivation You Need

Get inspired with the Instagram star's incredible workouts.

Monday Motivation from Tammy HembrowMonday Motivation from the fitness model Image Instagram/tammyhembrow

There are fitness models, and then there’s Tammy Hembrow…

The 22-year-old has taken Instagram by storm over the last few years, and judging by some of her workout videos it’s easy to see why.

Australian-born Tammy has become one the biggest names on the social media platform, and she’s always treating her 4.8m followers to inspiring posts.

Love an empty gym ?

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Two of my fave exercises at the moment. Filmed today's full workout on the WomensBest snapchat ? – Also uploaded a workout on my YouTube the other day so go watch it if you haven't yet ????

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The fitness model is a personal trainer too, and runs her own workout programmes specialising in ‘Build a Booty’ classes.

It might look like Tammy’s been a gym freak her whole life, but her fitness fascination is a relatively new thing.

9.5 weeks postpartum and feeling amazing ! – for my 7 day meal plan & gym-based booty workouts & my pregnancy program ! ??

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Don't expect results overnight. You have to put in WORK ???? – for my booty program & meal plan ? email for any enquiries ?

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Writing on her website, Tammy says: “Ever Since I was young I loved sports and being active but I began to live an unhealthy lifestyle in my teen years. I partied, drank, smoke, and did pretty much everything you shouldn’t. I didn’t focus on what it was doing to my body.

“I’ve had everything from a skinny saggy butt to a large dimply butt with absolutely no tone.  I was always up and down with my weight until I realized I needed to make a change.”

Tammy just welcomed her second child, and she was still training hard during her pregnancy. If that doesn’t fill you with #MondayMotivation nothing will.

Watch Tammy workout in the gym below:

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