World’s first smart urinal promises to wash and dry your penis

Urinal troughs could soon be a thing of the past.

The world's first smart urinal.
Are you taking the piss? Because this could help. Image Eduard Gervorkyan

Public toilets have, until now, been a largely neglected when it comes to technological development, save for James Dyson and his weird wind-blade hand dryers.

But a visionary group of Spanish inventors are on a mission to change that with the Urinal 2.0 – the first urinal to both wash and dry your penis.

The brainchild of Miguel Angel, Eduard Gevorkyan and Ivan Giner, the Urinal 2.0 uses built-in sensors to detect when you have finishing urinating, spraying down a three-second curtain of soapy water.

The world's first smart urinal.

Once the penis is withdrawn, the next step in the process can begin: drying.

It’s then that another sensor is activated, which sets off a dryer designed specifically to leave your old chap ‘bone dry’ as it were.

Unveiled on the website, La, Gevorkyan, who appears to have been the brains behind the operation, explains the thinking behind the Urinal 2.0.

“We suggested the use of sensors, so that the user does not have to touch anything and everything is as hygienic as possible,” he explains.

The world's first smart urinal.

Any women worried about being left out of what equates to the biggest toilet technological revolution since the introduction of hand sanitizer need not fear either because Gevorkyan has set his sights on creating a female equivalent.

To his way of thinking, such a development will go some way to ensuring “that, then yes, there is no discrimination.” Not quite sure how it would work though.

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