Fans Given First Official Look At Tom Hardy As Al Capone in Fonzo

Director Josh Trank shared the image of Hardy in costume and complete prosthetics.

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Tom Hardy’s incredible transformation into notorious American gangster Al Capone has been showcased on social media.

The 40-year-old is set to play Capone in Josh Trank’s upcoming movie Fonzo.

The film will focus on the later years of Capone’s life, when he lived in exile, slowly losing his mental capabilities while syphilis took hold.

Trank took to Twitter to share the image of Hardy as Capone, complete with costume and prosthetics. It marks the first official still to be released from the film.

Kitted out in a striped top and blue satin robe, Hardy’s Capone can be seen chomping down on a cigar, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.

Capone’s receding hairline is present and correct while there’s even a scar across his cheek – something in keeping with the crime lord’s ‘Scarface’ persona.

Set in the years following a decade-long stint in prison, the film will flit between the past and present with Capone’s dementia set to give proceedings a fragmented feel.

No trailer has been released as yet but fans are already tipping the film to serve as a worthy successor to Capone’s other two criminal biopic efforts.

Wrapped #JamDun ??♠️

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Hardy played both Krays in the excellent Notorious and previously made his breakthrough playing the dangerously deranged criminal Charles Bronson in the equally impressive Bronson.

Fonzo is not to be missed.

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