UK’s First Beer Hotel To Open Its Doors In 2019

By Jack Beresford

February 22, 2018

The UK’s first beer hotel is set to open in Aberdeenshire next year.

Independent brewery giant BrewDog are behind the booze-based accommodation adventure, which is quickly shaping up to do for beer what Willy Wonka did for chocolate.

The new DogHouse Ellon Hotel is being built up in Scotland and will boast 26 rooms, each of which will come equipped with in-room beer taps and a built-in shower beer fridge for anyone keen to keep drinking while they get clean.

BrewDog is building a similar facility in Columbus, Ohio, in the US as part of major expansion plans.

The DogHouse is being funded via the brewery’s Equity for Punks crowdfunding campaign, which helped the company generate £19 million in funding for the project.

Those investing in the project will be given priority booking on the new facility, which represents the first true beer hotel to arrive in the UK.

Wetherspoons previously opened the doors to its first hotel back in 1998 and now owns several properties across the UK.

Those hotels don’t have beer taps in the room or shower fridges though and make for far more mundane accommodation experiences.

Speaking to The Independent, BrewDog co-founder James Watt outlined the vision behind the project:

“The DogHouse is our gift to passionate craft beer fans making the pilgrimage to our brewery in Aberdeenshire. The idea of opening a beer hotel has always been high on our agenda, and now we are finally able to realise that dream, right here at our HQ.

“This will be the ultimate destination for craft beer fans seeking hops with their holidays. This is a beer Nirvana.”

With beer and boozing an increasingly important part of any good holiday, Scotland could soon be the place to be for anyone with a taste for the good stuff.

Now we’ll drink to that!