Liam and Noel Gallagher


‘F***ing turn coat ‘- Liam Gallagher launches Twitter tirade against Noel for ‘cursing’ England’s World Cup hopes

By Jack Beresford

July 13, 2018

LIAM GALLAGHER launched an expletive-laden tirade against estranged brother Noel for “cursing” the England team at the World Cup.

The former Oasis frontman branded his older sibling “miserable” in the wake of England’s 2-1 loss to Croatia which saw the Three Lions miss out on a first World Cup final appearance in 52 years.

Liam’s ire stems from an incident, earlier in the tournament, in which Noel was filmed swearing at fans during a gig in Scarborough.

Reacting to the group’s chant of “it’s coming home”, Noel shot back “seriously though, it f***ing so isn’t”.

It was a comment that sparked mass boos and evidently didn’t go unnoticed by Liam, who took to Twitter to blame his brother for the team’s failure to reach the final against France.

“For all those plastics who said it wasn’t coming home they should be ashamed of them selves as you were LGx [sic],” he tweeted.

“He wasn’t right they wasn’t right they put a curse on it it they should be shot.”

He then appeared to directly address Noel in a tweet that read: “The thought of going to the misserble little f*****’s gig and having to sit down listen to his bread heads and being I told you so ewwwww.”

Things then turned decidedly ugly when Liam appeared to make reference to Noel’s Scottish wife Sara MacDonald, writing: “I bet his mrs is happy f***ing turn coat.”

Noel has so far failed to respond to the claims.

Don’t expect to see Oasis reuniting anytime soon.