Find out what a Donald Trump presidency could mean for you

A new online quiz offers an insight into what America can expect from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does a fist-bump.Image Matthew Canaugh/Getty Images

Up until now, most Brits have been happy to sit back and watch the drama unfold in the US, as Donald Trump draws closer to claiming the Republican Party presidential nomination.

However, the voices of discontent could be about to go up a few decibels once people get an understanding of what a Trump presidency could mean in reality.

Thankfully, online wizards Purpose Labs are on hand to offer up a stark warning to anyone still amused by the prospect of the bouffant-haired chump running things from the White House.

Purpose Labs’ new “Free Trump Score” website offers users the chance to find out what life may have in store for them, if The Donald is elected.

The program is simple enough: users must answer eight specific questions. These help determine who you are, where you are from and, most importantly to Trump, how much you earn.

From there, the results offer a breakdown of what might be help your score and what may damage it – in the eyes of Trump, anyway.

More importantly, it explains what fate may also have in store for you under Trump.

Ranging from being a major business success to heading off for a stint in Guantanamo Bay, the quiz could have more than a few Democrats quaking in their boots.

You can test how you would fare under the floppy-haired fear-monger right here.

Despite this, and other controversies, Trump continues to prove popular with mash-up makers online, as this inspired Frozen-style effort attests.

Trump has courted controversy throughout his campaign to date and even generated a response from the Home Office, after seemingly refusing the rule out the use of nuclear weapons against European nations.

A UK petition was previously launched calling for Trump to be blocked from entering the UK, after the Republican Party front-runner made a series of anti-Muslim statements.

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