Find Out Just How Dirty A Mind You Have With This Optical Illusion

Are you obsessed with sex? Here’s an easy way to find out for sure…

Hollywood sex scenes don't come more extreme than Monster's Ball
Monster's Ball Halle Berry's Academy Award-winning sex scene. Image Picture Lionsgate

The average man thinks about sex every seven seconds, or at least that was the myth peddled by many an expert back in the 1990s.

In reality, studies suggest men actually think about sex every 30 minutes of their waking life while women indulge in illicit thoughts pretty often themselves.

This obsession with sex may be nothing new, but have you ever wondered just how dirty a mind you have? Are you constantly dogged by thoughts of the sexual variety? Let’s find out.

An image has surfaced online which some claim offers up the clearest indication yet of just how obsessed with sex you really are.

Let’s begin.

Take a look at the image below. What do you see?

The sex optical illusion.

If the answer is two stick men enjoying a dance, then well done because you aren’t a filthy pervert.

The rest of you, however, who no doubt saw a naked lady should probably just accept that you have a dirty mind in the true Christina Aguilera sense of the word.

Psychology suggests that the abstract image presented can have both meanings but that one often dominates depending on the viewers experiences and thoughts.

So if you saw a pair of breasts, it’s probably time for you to log off and go for a nice cold shower.

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