Final Destination and Stan star Devon Sawa looks very different now

The Canadian actor, who also appeared in Casper as a child, has done a lot of growing up.

Devon Sawa in Final Destination.
What happened to Devon Sawa? The Final Destination and 'Stan' star looks very different. Image New Line Cinema

The turn of the millennium was a special time in the life of Devon Sawa who not only starred in Final Destination but also left an indelible impact on the striking video to Eminem mega-hit Stan.

Coming hot-on-the-heels of cult teen comedy horror flick Idle Hands, which also happened to star a young Jessica Alba in her first big screen role, Sawa was hot property in 2000.

As Alex Browning in Final Destination, it was Sawa’s character’s premonition that kicked off the events of the film and arguably the franchise as a whole.

His turn as the titular Stan, alongside guest vocalist Dido, in the Eminem promo also sticks in the mind, helped in no small part by his decision to dye his hair bleach blonde in eerie tribute to the rapper.

To date, the video has over 106 million views on YouTube, despite only being uploaded to the site some nine years after the song’s original release.

These roles alone should have seen Sawa enjoy a career to rival that of Final Destination co-star Seann William-Scott.

But while William-Scott had the American Pie franchise to fall back on, Sawa was not so lucky – his attempt at breaking into the teen comedy market alongside Jason Schwartzman and Jason Segel in 2002’s Slackers flopped.

Later that year he also appeared in Extreme Ops, which told the story of ski-based stuntmen fighting international criminals in the Alps and, perhaps unsurprisingly, bombed amid bad reviews.

Devon Sawa in Nikita
Devon Sawa The Life On The Line star has changed a lot. Image The CW

Aside from some voice work on the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, the next few years were lean ones for Sawa, who appeared in a variety of obscure or direct-to-DVD films that made little impact either critically or financially.

Away from films, Sawa has enjoyed a life most would envy though, having married partner Dawni Sahanovitch and fathered two children in the past couple of years.

In the meantime, a three-year stint on the Nikita TV show has also helped get him back in the public eye with a series of film roles following on from that.

The biggest of these could be yet to come though with Sawa set to appear alongside John Travolta in Life on the Line – a drama focusing on the daily dangers faced by lineman across the US.

According to the trailer, it ranks as the fourth most dangerous job in the whole world and with Sawa’s character romancing Kate Bosworth’s Bailey, who also happens to be the orphaned niece of Travolta’s gruff Beau, you know heartache is on the cards.

Think Backdraft but with lighting and rain instead of fire.

The year 2000 may have been a special one for Sawa but, on the basis of this trailer, 2016 could be even better.

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