Rough sex survey suggests Fifty Shades of Grey far from influential

The EL James film and book has not actually sparked that many couples into action.

Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie.
Fifty Shades The big screen version of the popular book. Image Universal

Fifty Shades of Grey may have been responsible for bringing the concept of rough sex into the mainstream but few of those who actually practice what EJ James preaches admit to being influenced by the film or book.

That’s according to new research conducted by adult site Harriet Sugarcookie, who conducted a major survey of porn fans and came up with some startling results.

Of those quizzed, just three per cent of respondents revealed they discovered rough sex as a direct result of the popular paperback or film, with the majority (55 per cent) claiming they first found out about it through watching porn.

A further 35 per cent, meanwhile, admitted to being introduced to it through their girlfriends with the remaining respondents finding out about it through friends.

The research found that 67 per cent of porn fans on the Harriet Sugarcookie site admitted to trying rough sex with 19 per cent regularly engaging in it, 30 per cent enjoying it sometimes and just four per cent trying it but not liking it.

A further 28 per cent wanted to try it but didn’t know how to while 12 per cent are intrigued but have no idea how to broach the subject with their partners.

“If you are interested in trying out rough sex, it’s important to talk it out, and figure out what you’d both like to try as well as figure out your limits,” Harriet noted.

Check out the full infographic below:

Harriet Sugar Cookie rough sex study.

Rough sex fans were also quizzed on their preferred choice of safe word with ‘Stop’ coming out on top followed by pineapple, banana, orange and, oddly, potato.

Men should take care though, with the research suggesting around one in four blokes have injured themselves during rough sex with guys around 50 per cent more likely to injure themselves as women.

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