FIFA 17 release new trailer detailing new ‘The Journey’ mode

The new mode promises to make the game more lifelike

FIFA 17 Star

We saw last week that FIFA 17 have released a new trailer where they detailed the new improvements on the game and with us being smack bang in the middle of the Euros one imagines the excitement for the game will be heightened.  

We’d already learned that the game was moving to the Frostbite engine used by other EA games, but now we can see the authentic true-to-life action thanks to a new gameplay trailer and several screenshots.

The biggest change to the new FIFA 17 undoubtedly comes from the new career mode called ‘The Journey’.

Within this new addition to FIFA 17, you’ll play as Alex Hunter, an up and coming new star in the Premier League who comes from a long line of footballers.

The immersive experience takes players for the first time to the back of stadia and into the dressing rooms, tunnels and even Alex Hunters childhood home.

Essentially the game lets you pick a club from the Premiership and start your career. You’ll be given objectives in the match and you can see your rating during your match to show how well you’re playing.

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