Fiat 500 owner wins award for craziest eBay listing of all-time

“This is a real bargain to be honest. Even though this car has genuinely ruined my life.”

Would you buy this car? A Fiat 500 with one hell of a story

Selling your car can be a tricky enough process in itself but selling it via Ebay can prove an even more precarious prospect in the wrong hands.

Fail to categorise the car correctly, along with all of the relevant information and photos and you could end up having to flog your beloved Renault Clio for a fiver.

But while it is crucial to take the time to ensure your Ebay listing is as detailed as possible, there is such a thing as too much information.

No one told Ebayer sphlchwns that fact though and what followed was arguably the most hilariously bonkers Ebay listing in the history of man.

Keen to shift her prized Fiat 500, the online seller decided to offer up a potted history of the car, warts and all, for any potential interested customers.

What follows is the listing in all of its unadulterated glory:

This is a real bargain, to be honest. Even though this car has genuinely ruined my life. I bought it for £6000 and then found out I’d been sold a CAT C car. I won’t lie to you, that pissed me off.

I crashed it within the first week with some minor damage to the bumper which I haven’t bothered to fix. I left it for 5 hours unaccompanied in Brixton while I attended a rave which I couldn’t stay for the entirety as I had work at 6am and came back to find a can of Stella rammed in the bonnet, leaving a small crack. The rave was sh*t and wasn’t worth it. I haven’t fixed this either. I was driving down the A10 and the silver exterior came flying off, hitting the window screen and scaring the sh*t out of me. I still have both of these and I could fix this easily with superglue but I can’t be bothered.That’s just about it with the exterior damage.

screen shot Ebay

Already well over the £900 reserve price placed on the car, this bizarre listing has helped the automobile get some attention, with the bidding currently up to well over £2,000.

And in one final twist, the owner updated her listing to reveal that the extra attention the ad had been getting had also result in Ebay removing it from the site due to the presence of swearing.

By then though it was already too late with over 300,000 views clocked up, 1,500 watchers and a highest bid of £2,250


Is this the start of a new trend of existential Ebay listings? God, we hope not.

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