Fewer People Than Ever Before Are Using Condoms During Sex

Unprotected sex is more popular than ever, and it's NOT good news for our sexual health.

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Alarming new research has been revealed, which shows that condoms are less popular than ever before.

It’s been revealed that more and more people are choosing to have unprotected sex, meaning they’re more likely to catch STDs than ever before.

A new study from Superdrug Online Doctor quizzed 1,000 Europeans and 1,000 Americans about their sexual health, and found some alarming resuts.

According to the survey, 65% of the Americans surveyed had unprotected sex, with 29.1% admitting to never wearing a condom.

Superdrug Online Doctor Sex study Sex study
Superdrug Online Doctor Sex study Sex study Image Superdrug Online Doctor

The same high levels were also evident in the Europeans surveyed; 55.1% said they had unprotected sex, while 18.2% admitting to being unprotected every time.

The study also broke down the male and female contributors, and found that more women claim to have unprotected sex every time than men.

36.8% of American women said they never used protection, compared to 23.5% of American men.

It’s pretty concerning news, especially as an estimated 65 millions Americans are currently living with an STD.

Superdrug Online Doctor Sex study
Superdrug Online Doctor Sex study Image Superdrug Online Doctor

Most worryingly of all, the study also showed that a small percentage of people ask their partner to get checked, meaning few people are fully aware of the dangers involved.

Superdrug Online Doctor claimed that it’s down to couples to communicate to solve the problem.

“Talking about STI and unwanted pregnancy prevention doesn’t have to put out the fire in a relationship. Open and honest communication about sexual health allows partners to quell fears and focus more on strengthening their sexual bond over time,” they said.

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