Fergie’s ‘Sexy’ NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Was All Kinds Of Awkward

Try to sit through all 2:39 seconds. We dare you.

Fergie M.I.L.F.$ coverImage Picture Fergie/Instagram

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie sent social media into overdrive after delivering a “sexy” rendition of the American national anthem at the NBA All-Star game.

It was a performance that was toe-curlingly bad for everyone involved, with the 42-year-old butchering what should have been a routine performance.

Fergie probably thought her sultry, jazz-infused, version of the Star-Spangled Banner would be lauded as a clever take on a familiar classic – but it wasn’t.

Not only did the pop siren struggle to hit all the necessary notes, but there were times when she held on to said notes for way too long or ended up making strange cat-like noises.

It was anything but sexy, with most reactions veering between confusion and amusement.

The most awkward moment came as the camera panned across the faces of the players involved. Though most managed to keep themselves together, Draymond Green (2:00 in) cracked and was duly caught laughing the Fergie’s performance – though you can hardly blame him.

Up in the studio, Shaquille O’Neal was quick to jump to the defence of his friend, while fellow NBA legend Charles Barkley declared: “I needed a cigarette after that.”

Others were less kind, with Stephanie Bice the state senator for Oklahoma slamming the performance on Twitter alongside the hashtag #OhWowItWasBad.

It’s not the first time a popstar has struggled to get the grips with the song.

Back in 2011, Christina Aguilera made global headlines after fluffing a line of the Star-Spangled Banner during that year’s Super Bowl in Texas.

Aguilera subsequently released a statement claiming that she had got lost in the moment and mixed up the lyrics as a result.

“I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through,” Aguilera said.

But while that excuse may have worked fine for Christina, Fergie is facing an altogether different problem.

After all, it’s not like she can argue that she got swept up in the moment and decided to do a sexy Jessica Rabbit-style rendition as a result, right?

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