Female Take Me Out Contestants Reportedly Dump Dates For Each Other

The ITV dating show contestants have allegedly caused quite the stir.

Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out.
Take Me Out's new couple? Even Paddy McGuinness was surprised. Image Getty

Two female contestants from ITV’s flagship dating show Take Me Out are alleged to have ditched the male dates in favour of a little girl on girl action.

A major ratings hit for ITV ever since its debut in 2010, Take Me Out is second only to Naked Attraction in offering up a thoroughly modern example of dating in the 21st century.

Every week, men far and wide come on the show in an attempt to woo one of 30 girls stood in front of them. Over a series of rounds, they get a chance to showcase their good looks, lifestyle, personality and a particular talent.

If the women aren’t impressed, they turn their light off, in a move host Paddy McGuinness often referred to as “no likey, no lighty”.

Eventually, after several rounds of public humiliation, the brave bloke gets to choose a date from those who kept their light on.

That was exactly what happened with barman Tommy and Prison Officer Luke, who managed to bag themselves dates on the Island of Fernandos (don’t ask) with Emily and Cara-Jane respectively.

Em on Take Me Out.
Em On Take Me Out. Image ITV

Alas, things took an unfortunate turn for the guys during their double date, with The Sun reporting that the pair engaged in a little girl on girl fun – much to the dismay of the guys, who may or may not have been watching on.

“Neither fancied their dates, so the two of them ended up getting frisky instead,” an insider told The Sun.

“They even shared a cheeky kiss. They are gorgeous girls, so the lads were pretty gutted when they found out what happened.”

But before anyone starts hearing wedding bells, it’s worth noting that the pair are NOT dating.

Cara-Jane on Take Me Out.
Cara-Jane Take Me Out Image ITV

“The island has seen some pretty racy action since the show began, but this was definitely a first,” the source told The Sun.

“There’s no chance of a relationship, they are just pals. It was just a bit of holiday fun for them.”

Now in its ninth series in the UK, Take Me Out is actually originally based on a similar Australian format called Taken Out, which ran for a single series Down Under.

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