Female Boxer Plants Kiss On Opponent In Incredible Pre-Fight Stare Down

Mikaela Lauren has a track record for this kind of thing though.

Swedish boxing star Mikaela Lauren.
Mikaela Lauren The Swedish boxing star with a thing for kissing. Image Getty

A female boxer was left shocked after her opponent planted a kiss on her lips during the traditional pre-fight  .

Mikaela Lauren is set to face off against Cecilia Braekhus in Stokke, Norway, with the welterweight title on the line. Ahead of the bout, Lauren found an interesting way to ruffle her opponent’s feathers – by getting up close and personal.

As the pair went virtually nose-to-nose, Lauren decided to spice things up by planting a kiss on Braekhus’ lips.

It wasn’t exactly an affectionate kiss though – imagine a combination of a kiss and a headbutt and you are probably pretty close to the reality.


Braekhus was evidently shocked at the move, slapping Lauren before quickly breaking away.

She did eventually see the funny side though, bursting into a fit of laughter – was it nervous laughter though?

it’s a tactic Lauren has attempted before, though not with the results she might have hoped for.

In 2013, she planted a kiss on opponent Christina Hammer.


Hammer went on to win a unanimous victory on points. She has her work cut out for her against Braekhus too, who holds the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF titles, having claimed 31 victories from 31 fights.

The pair have actually fought once before too – in 2010 Breakhus scored a victory over Lauren, winning by knockout in Rostock, Germany.

With a record of 29-4, few will be backing Lauren for victory either, though it’s likely a few more fans will be tuning in after this latest stunt.

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