FBI agent who accidentally shot man while doing backflip cleared to carry gun again

Only in America...

An FBI agent doing a backflip.

THE FBI agent who managed to inadvertently shoot a man while doing a backflip in a nightclub has been cleared to carry his service weapon again.

29-year-old Chase Bishop became an overnight viral sensation for all the wrong reasons after attempting the audacious move on a busy dancefloor at Mile High Spirits in Denver.

His antics came to the attention of the watching world when a video was posted online.

In the clip, he can be seen performing the backflip before his gun drops out of his waistband. The problem comes when Bishop attempts to pick up the weapon, accidentally firing it off as he does so.

Unfortunately for Bishop, a fellow patron at the venue, Tom Reddington, ended up being struck in the lower leg by the stray bullet.

He was taken to a hospital and has made a full recovery, but Bishop is now facing criminal charges and a potential fine of up to $500,000 over the incident.

Nevertheless, a judge this week amended a protection order that means the 29-year-old is once again allowed to carry a weapon both on and off duty.

A Denver district attorney spokesman told the Denver Post that the change was made under the proviso that “it is done in a manner pursuant to FBI policy.”

Bishop is facing a charge of second-degree assault over the incident.

There’s better news for Reddington though, who has been offered free drinks for life by the owners of the venue where the incident took place.

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