9 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Cool Stuff

These gifts are out of left field and cool enough for the dad who has everything...

fathers day
These gifts will make this father's day one for the books.. Image Haig/Root7/Pencilic

Father’s Day is on June 18th and we think it’s best to start looking for dad as soon as possible. 

Fathers these days are pretty hard to please, what with the advent of technology and shows like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the days of getting dad a simple tie are over, he’s a more cultured gent lately. Plus, the options online are endless. 

From whisky to fancy socks, loaded has found a few ideas for dad sure to thrill him this Father’s Day.




Tyrion Lannister Mug

tyrion lannister mug
Etsy/Nexus Glass

This beer mug has etched on it the famous line uttered by the diminutive but mighty Tyrion Lannister, “That’s what I do, I drink and I know things.” 



Volcano Coffee Pods

volcano coffee pods
Volcano Coffee

This is perfect for the dad who is a fan of the environment AND can’t live without his caffeine in the morning. These 100% bio-based compostable coffee pod are compatible with any Nespresso machine. 



The Penclic Mouse B3


This is perfect for a dad suffering from carpal tunnel, the way he got it we don’t want to know, but this will help him through it. 




Haig Club Whisky

haig club
Haig Club

This whisky brand is special in that it was started by David Beckham himself, if your pop isn’t a whisky conicere this Lowland sing malt scotch will ease him into the whisky life. 



Anonymous Ism Tie Dye Socks


These socks are great for jazzing up a boring dad outfit.




 POUR OVER Coffee Kettle

Coffee Gator

This is actually amazing, this kettle comes with a built in thermometer so when dad pours water over his beans, he won’t burn the hell out of them. 



Himalayan Salt Shots

salt shots
Root 7

These shots by Root 7 are mined from pure pink salt derived from the mountains of the Himalayas, they will give a salty to kick to dad’s shot of choice. 



Iron Throne Toilet Decal

GOT toilet decal

This gift will make your dad feel like the ruler of Westeros while he’s on the bog. 



  Anderson’s 48 Woven Belt



If your dad is a hipster, first of all, we’re sorry. Second, he will probably love this belt if Father’s Day isn’t too mainstream for him. 

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