Fat-ador Invades London Ahead Of World’s Biggest Lottery

It’s called El Gordo aka The Fat One and it’s got a whopping €2.3bn prize pot.

The Fat-ador himself.

Londoners were left more than a little baffled this week by the sight if a super-sized Spanish matador, dubbed “The Fat-ador” who was busy causing a scene across the capital.

But this bizarre appearance had a purpose – he was there to let us Brits know we can now bet on ‘El Gordo’ – the world’s biggest annual lottery taking place on Friday 22nd December.  

Taking in iconic London landmarks like Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge and Parliament Square in an incredible prosthetic fat suit, he was there to spread the word about the record-breaking jackpot.


Translated literally as ‘The Fat One’, El Gordo 2017 has an estimated prize pool of €2.3billion – the biggest of any national lottery and can be entered by visiting myLotto24.co.uk.

The El Gordo lottery first took place in Cádiz in 1812 and has taken place every year since, even continuing through Spain’s civil war between 1936 and 1939.

It allows users to purchase ‘shares’ of any five-digit number between 00001 and 99999, meaning any number can be owned in its entirety by an individual or split between multiple people.

 The Fat-ador for El Gordo.

The chances of winning the El Gordo main prize are also 1,400 times more favourable than the EuroMillions jackpot ,making it well worth trying out.

The world famous lottery has more than 14,000 prizes to win and odds of one in 100,000 – far lower than EuroMillions’ one in 140 million.

Over 1800 numbers are picked to win a prize between €1,000 (approx. £890) and €4 million (approx. £3,560,000), and even if you don’t win the El Gordo jackpot, there’s a massive 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize.

The Fat-ador for El Gordo.

Merry Christmas to the Fat-ador.

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