Farm Workers Strip Off For Steamy German Calendar Shoot

The Jungbaurentraume Calendar has found a way to make tractors and wellies sexy.

The Jungbauerntraume calendar cover.
The Jungbauerntraume Calendar Image Jungbauerntraume

The advent of a new year means one thing and one thing only for people up and down the country: it’s time to purchase the latest on-trend novelty calendar.

Whether it’s Little Mix or 5 Seconds of Summer, official or entirely unofficial, paper or card, for at least a month people everywhere go mad for calendars with the likes of Cliff Richard seriously cleaning up in the process – his annual calendar sells millions.

But one farm-loving creation from Germany could be about to seriously shake things up for fans of all things female and agricultural.

Jungbauerntraume calendar

The Jungbauerntraume calendar, which translates as “Young Farmer’s Dreams” is a 12-month epic unlike any you are ever likely to have seen.

As reported by The Sun and Daily Star, across 12 months, fans are being treated to a selection of near-naked female farm workers (possibly) in a series of increasingly provocative poses alongside things like tractors, cattle and wheelbarrows.

The Jungbauerntraume calendar cover
Out now Go get your copy! Image Jungbauerntraume

Tractors feature pretty prominently throughout, with the calendar seemingly aimed at any lonely farm workers out there who may not be getting enough from life during their daily slog of ploughing fields and milking cows.

Entirely erotic in content, it’s unclear how much the calendar will cost or whether it can be shipped to the UK for that matter but it sure beats the hell out of anything you might find in Poundland.

Check out a few more of the calendar snaps in the gallery below.

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