This insane Metal Gear Survive trailer is really pissing off fans

What will Hideo Kojima think of this?

Metal Gear Survive trailer
Fan fury The Metal Gear Survive trailer has Snake supports angry. Image Picture Konami/IGN

It’s one of the most successful video game franchises going, but fans are already tearing the latest Metal Gear Solid to shreds just hours after its been announced.

Metal Gear Survive was unveiled at the annual Gamescom event today (August 17) with a trailer set in an alternate universe of zombie-like enemies dubbed “biological threats”.

Set right after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, this four-player stealth co-op transports the members of Militaires Sans Frontières through a wormhole to face the blood-thirsty undead.

It’s a little bit of a curveball, giving fans something completely unexpected and – as the first full Metal Gear to be made after the departure of series Hideo Kojima – many are accusing the franchise of jumping the shark.

“This looks like a turd that’s shaped to look like a middle finger.”

At the time of writing the trailer has been viewed more than 314,000 times and has north of 27,000 dislikes on YouTube. That’s down-voting to rival the Ghostbusters and Top Gear trailers from earlier in the year.

The comments have been brutal, too.

“As a Resident Evil game this would look generic at best, but as a Metal Gear game this looks like a turd that’s shaped to look like a middle finger,” wrote YouTuber Jacob12345225.

“I feel like Konami is doing this JUST to spite Kojima and bring him back,” added epicgamer9000.

Sam McArther raged: “I’m honestly just confused as to who this game was made for and how it makes literally any sense at all.”

Over on Reddit the ranting was even more severe. NuclearShadow had this to say…

Metal Gear Survive will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017, so you’ll be able to judge it for yourself then.

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