Fancy A Night In Pablo Escobar’s Drug Mansion? It’s Yours – At A Price

Narcos fans will love this but they had best get saving up now…

Fancy a night at Escobar's?

Fans of the hit Netflix series Narcos could soon be flocking to the Mexican resort of Tulum and the ultimate Pablo Escobar-inspired holiday resort: his former mansion, Casa Malca.

It comes after the property was successfully converted into a 42-room luxury hotel complex by New York art dealer Lio Lamca following five-long years spent renovating the property.

Boasting luxury artwork from the likes of KAWS and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the property also comes complete with a luxury spa and steam room though there is likely to be a “bring your own narcotics” policy or, more likely, don’t bring any at all.

Casa Malca /

Either way, it’s a far cry from the way the property looked back in 1993, when Escobar was shot and killed by the authorities after just over a decade as South America’s biggest cocaine trafficker and crime lord.

Casa Malca /

There’s a giant pool. nearby beach and a few other notable luxury features that are sure to attract those seeking sun, sea and the chance to explore this strange remnant from Escobar’s bloody and ill-fated reign as Colombia’s most powerful criminal.

Casa Malca /

Of course, this kind of luxury does not come cheap, with prices starting at around $450 a night for the luxury digs.

Casa Malca /

However, it could prove money well spent for anyone with an extensive knowledge of Escobar and his many antics around the villa. The rest may not want to bother though – there are cheaper places to stay in Mexico.

Casa Malca /
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