Fanatical Football Fan Has Team’s Shirt Tattooed On His Torso

By Jack Beresford

April 30, 2018

How much do you love football? Do you love it enough to have your chosen team’s shirt permanently inked onto your body at significant personal expense?

Jose Mauricio dos Anjos does. A supporter of Brazilian club side Flamengo, he decided to demonstrate his love for the club by going through 90 hours of tattoo-based hell.

Over the course of 32 painful sessions, he had a replica of the club’s iconic 2015 red and black home shirt inked onto his body.

The 33-year-old’s tattoo-based feat has seen him become a celebrity of sorts among local fans and football lovers on the internet.

He’s regularly mobbed by fans in his and the club;s home city of Rio de Janeiro – but it doesn’t faze him.

“People ask me if I don’t find it strange that I’m always wearing a Flamengo shirt. And I just don’t. To me, it’s normal,” he told Vice Brazil.

Jose’s journey started with a tattoo of the club’s mascot. That was the beginning. From there, he forked out £165 to have parts of the Flamengo shirt inked onto his shoulders.

Soon enough, he set his heart on getting the entire shirt tattooed onto his body and started saving up money to have the work done, selling off his beloved motorbike in the process.

Once they got started on the process, however, a local tattoo artist offered to do the rest for free, evidently keen to see the results first hand.

The highlight came later though, when Jose opted to have the number 10 tattooed on the back in tribute to club legend Zico. It was a move that eventually resulted in Jose coming face to face with his idol.

“He was shocked and touched it to make sure it wasn’t painted on. I asked him to sign my skin and I then got his signature tattooed,” Jose told Vice.

While Jose still has to keep the tattoo covered up from the sun, he’s happy to report that his family have accepted the new inking.

Well, it’s not like they had much of a choice. Plus, getting that removed would be nigh on impossible.

The story is strangely reminiscent of Mad Dog Deon, an infamous guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show who turned up sporting an all-over skeleton tattoo.

Incredible stuff.