Amazing Fan Theory Claims Taken Is A Prequel To Batman Begins

This is the theory Gotham deserves AND the one it needs right now.

Batman theory
Liam Neeson A convincing theory?

There are thousands of fan theories to be found on the internet, and some are way more believable than others…

From the sublime (Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World character actually featured in the original Jurassic Park) to the ridiculous (ET is actually a Star Wars Sith Lord) all kinds of bonkers claims are made online every day.

However, loaded has stumbled upon one that’s not only amazing, but actually makes a lot of sense…

What if Liam Neeson’s Taken was actually a prequel to Batman Begins?

Think about it – just like Neeson’s Taken character Bryan Mills, Ra’s al Ghul is physically skilled in hand to hand combat, blessed with huge intellect and of course, he’s totally badass.

To top all that, we bet Ra’s can jump the hell out of a fence too…

The theory has been suggested for several years, thanks mainly to this quote from Batman Begins: “I wasn’t always here in the mountains. Once, I had a wife, my great love. She was… taken from me.”

Weird, right?

It’s become a bit of a joke online, but we think there could be more to it than meets the eye…

So here’s how we see it: After the events of the third Taken film, which sees his wife brutally murdered, he’s driven to despair. He heads for the mountains of Bhutan after discovering it’s home to the Lazarus Pits, which can bring life back to the dead. He seeks it out in an attempt to resurrect his late wife.

Driven by rage after failing to do so, he trains himself to be a badass superhero villain and takes over the league of shadows.

Everything fits.

Now, in The Dark Knight Rises Ra’s appears to Bruce Wayne in a vision, and explains that his wife was killed in ‘the pit’ prison that Batman ended up in the movie…. However, that could just as easily be his second wife, having remarried after losing his first wife, right?

We think it’s a really cool theory, and loaded really, really hopes it could ring true – what do you make of it?

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