Family Discovers Testicles Inside Supermarket Roast Chicken…While Eating It

At first, they thought they were maggots. They probably wish they had been now.

If ever there were a story capable of turning you from a meat-lover to a fully-fledged vegan then it’s surely the tale of the family who found a pair of testicles in their roast chicken…half way though eating it.

Father-of-two Paul Douglas hit out at supermarket giant Asda after his daughter called him at work in a panic after finding something resembling maggots inside her roast chicken dinner.

It was only on closer inspection that Paul discovered the truth – they were tiny chicken balls.

The 49-year-old told The Metro: “It looked like the meat had gone bad. It’s put them off chicken completely. They were queasy last night. All three of them had a bit of the breast. It might be completely harmless, but it’s not fit for human consumption.”

The Stockton-On-Tees family decided to ditch the roast and headed to McDonald’s for dinner in an attempt to help appease his distressed daughters.

Though Paul was offered a £4 refund for the chicken, he felt the supermarket’s response was disappointing.


Further investigation revealed the testicles has found their way into the bird’s ribcage and would have only been visible once part of the breast was eaten.

An Asda spokesman offered the following apology:

“We pride ourselves on offering great quality products to our customers. ‘Our chickens are prepared to a high standard, but occasionally small amounts of the giblets can be left behind, and we completely accept that we dropped a ball here. ‘We’d like to reassure Mr Douglas that there was no health risk posed by this chicken and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

They “dropped a ball”? More like two.

After a story like that, they are probably never going to look at a chicken in the same way again. At least there’s no risk of eating testicles when it comes to Quorn.

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